White Spun Bond

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White 40gsm Spun Bond Polypropylene (SBPP) 

180cm wide and sold per metre.

Also great for interfacing or embroidery machine stabiliser.

Recommended as a filter material in 3 layer masks by WHO:

Fabric masks need to be made of a weave that is tight enough to be effective at containing droplets, while still allowing you to breathe easily. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests they should ideally have 3 layers:

  • The layer closest to your face should easily absorb droplets from exhaled breath. For example, a woven or knit cotton fabric. Use a light colour so you can tell when it is soiled or wet. 
  • The middle layer acts as a filter. It goes in a pocket between the inner and outer layers. It should be made of fabric that repels droplets and moisture. Suitable fabrics include polypropylene.
  • The outer layer should repel droplets and moisture. Suitable fabrics include synthetic or polyester mixes. 


Disclaimer:  Although the SBPP is made in a clean room and is used as a component of 3 layer facemask filter media SBPP on its own has no tangible filtration effect for facemasks.