What's Toad-Spo?

“This is a monthly color palette newsletter and blog post sent directly to my email subscribers and social media following. Each month, I feature a color palette and challenge quilters and makers to create with”Taylor Krz

Taylor from Toad & Sew is a magnificent visual creator who inspires me with her wonderful colour palettes and creative eye. Every month she manages to come up with a new palette for her existing patterns which I stock and will continue to build on.

As a generous collaborator Taylor has put the call out for her stockists to join in the monthly fun …along with a code we’ll all use for 10% off the featured products that align with her chosen palette…so much fun !

The code will always be TOADSPO10 and will be allocated to the specifically chosen products below and will change every month, so don't forget to enter it in the discount box when you checkout!