Alegria AGF Sewcialite Bundle - Vickeidy Plybon

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📸 @sewspicious
16 Fat Quarters

What is AGF Sewcialites?

AGF Sewcialites is a group of 10 of the best creative and passionate quilting and sewing enthusiasts sharing their love for AGF with the community. Each of them represents their own beautiful style that we are sure you will love!

This is what Vickeidy Plybon from @sewspicious has to say about her bundle

Alegria means happiness! 

“The colors in my bundle are inspired by a specific happiness: the feeling I get when I travel to the Dominican Republic, where I was born and raised. It’s the warmth of the sun, breathing fresh air, and being surrounded by the people and places I loved growing up.  
Everything feels brighter and colors are more vibrant. I feel embraced by my home—just like a warm quilt.”