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Pink Alphabitties Specialty Marking Tools
# ISE-701
From It's Sew Emma
In Marking
These adorable plastic squares are perfect for labeling your fabric pieces after cutting. Perfect for using them as row markers.

It can get confusing when your pattern calls for fabrics A-Z.

With Alphabitties you can simply label each of your piles of fabric with the corresponding letter or number in the pattern.

  • Color: Pink
  • Use: Marking Tools
  • Included: 26 letters and 10 numbers


  • I don’t know about you but I’m a messy sewer, creative chaos some might say! So anything that helps me keep things visible  and not under a pile of fabric is a winner in my book!

    The new Stash ‘n Store is the perfect device to keep your sewing and crafting notions within arm’s reach and ready to go! Easily store marking tools, scissors, stilettos, rulers, even brushes and small rotary cutters, in an easy-to-grab upright position.