Aurifil Boxed Set - Proud and About Thread 10 x Small Spools

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Proud & About by Henrik Muller 50wt 10 Small Spools
# HM50PA10
From Aurifil USA
By Muller, Henrik
In Sets and Samplers
“Like most quilters I always seem to want it all. Every imaginable colour in every available thread weight. But wanting it all poses challenges. Us quilters need to make compromises. We don’t just buy all the fabric and all the thread. We start small. So we buy a thread collection to cover the bases and get going. When I am looking for a thread collection I look for the rainbow. I love quilts that have the full spectrum of the rainbow with a little off-white and some black for contrast. And since I could never find quite the perfect collection to meet my needs I designed this one.” - Henrik Müller

This collection includes the following colors: 4020, 2250, 1113, 2120, 6737, 2835, 1320, 2545, 2692, 2309

  • Colors: Various
  • Made of: Cotton
  • Use: Thread Collection
  • Size: 50wt
  • Includes: 10 Small Spools