Creme de Menthe 40wt Aurifil Cotton Thread Large Spool (4662)

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Aurifil 40 Wt 100% Cotton - Creme de Menthe (4662)

1300metre spool.

Aurifil 40 Wt 100% Cotton 1000mt (1094yds) Green Spool.

The 40wt range is a versatile, all purpose thread. Long-Arm quilters love how it can run at high speeds with little to no breakage.  This is a high quality 100% Cotton thread, making it ideal for all forms machine work whether it is on Applique, for Quilting, Machine Piecing or Long-arm Quilting. If you prefer to do things by hand, this is ideal for Cross stitching, Hand Piecing and work with Lace.

1 Spool