Secret Garden AGF Sewcialite Bundle - Kelsey Swatske

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16 Fat Quarters

What is AGF Sewcialites?

AGF Sewcialites is a group of 10 of the best creative and passionate quilting and sewing enthusiasts sharing their love for AGF with the community. Each of them represents their own beautiful style that we are sure you will love!
This is what Kelsey Swatske from @white_rosedesigns has to say about her bundle

“When curating the Secret Garden fat quarter bundle I wanted capture all the things I love about spring. Baby blooms, the smell of lilacs, and new leaves are all signs of new beginnings and hope for the future. What are your favorite things about spring?”

“The Wildflower Hill bundle represents the verdant renewal of springtime in the Texas Hill Country, bringing a profusion of wildflowers that transform the previously barren and dull rolling fields into a vast and vibrant landscape of different colors. These fields are chameleon-like and have the ability to change their appearance overnight, creating a new spectacle for those who behold them.”