Wool/Poly 60/40 Batting from Matildas Own

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This is Matildas Own best seller – it has the stabiliy of polyester and the performance of wool, and great loft all ready to go. Prewashed, preshrunk and machine washable.

Key Features
  • Machine Washable with Medium Loft
  • Soft and easy to needle by hand or machine.
  • Prewashed, preshrunk and machine washable.
  • Fine scrim to lock in fibres and prevent bearding. 
  • Great for those with allergies.
  • Made in Australia from a premium selection of wool to increase loft and produce a very soft result.
  • No resin, sprays, glues or bonding.

2.4 metres wide (94.4")

Sold by the ½ Metre - added to cart in increments of ½ metre and will be cut continuously so adding 1 = 1/2 mete, 2 will be = to 1 metre, 3 = 1.5 metres....