Zippers By The Yard Natural & Rose Gold - Sallie Tomato

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Zippers By The Yard (3 Yards) Natural & Rose Gold - Sallie Tomato
#3 Zippers by the Yard contain 3 yards of Natural/Rose Gold Zipper tape with Nylon Teeth and 9 matching  Rose Gold pulls.

Size #3 zipper is best used for interior zippers or small projects such as wallets, wristlets, and accessories.

There is no need to worry about breaking a needle when you're using these zippers! Crafted for lasting durability, our premium Zippers by the Yard boast sturdy nylon teeth that ensure a professional finish without the worry of breaking needles, providing a reliable and resilient solution for your sewing projects. The wider zipper tape also helps with easy insertion into your projects. 

Coordinate the zipper tape color with your fabric and match the zipper teeth color with your purse hardware! Easily cut and sew through the nylon teeth while achieving the appearance of metal teeth.

Color: Natural/Rose Gold
Length: 3 yards
Pulls Included: 9
Teeth Type: Nylon